I WANT your INPUT, BECAUSE this is OUR campaign

Focus Issues

Edward Ziegler is a Republican and has real-world experience. He will serve his constituents and look out for future generations.

Edward Ziegler is a Republican and has real-world experience. He will serve his constituents and look out for future generations.


The government spends your money. It does not have money of its own.

Congress helps the government spend too much by initiating bills, laws, and decisions to spend your money. Congress spends more than taxpayers want—resulting in a huge $ 20 trillion debt. Just like every person and family has a household budget to which they must adhere, Congress also needs to work within its means so that it does not spend more money than it has—resulting in even more debt. Going forward, tough decisions need to be made by Congress to figure out how money should be spent wisely and how expenses can be reduced to begin eliminating government debt so that it can live within its means. 

For reasons like these, our Texas Congressional District 7 needs a new direction, and that is why I am running for office. I have a fresh perspective, care deeply about how the government spends our money, and have real-world experience running profitable businesses that do not run-up large amounts of debt.  

Congress behaves badly, and we allow it—term, after term, after term.

Congress’ actions have shown us that it does not care much about what its constituents think, need, or want.  At the same time, voters have become complacent and expect little of our Congress. We must elect people, like myself, that will take action because there are critical areas that need to be fixed. 

For instance, there must be flood control and concrete plans put into place to prevent future catastrophic flooding. It is not enough to try to get money for recovery after a disaster occurs. Money will never fix the heartache, lost homes, and lost lives. Going forward, measures must be taken to minimize the risks of these foreseeable flood events.

There are many other issues that we must fix, like our Nation’s security. We must secure our border. Countries have borders to define their territory and to enforce their laws—in turn, these measures help to keep their citizen’s safe. The United States needs to do a better job at defining and securing its borders.

We need to reform immigration laws for workers. We also must address the related family and social issues.  

Our military has become depleted and equipment worn out under our recent Congress. This direction cannot continue. Related to this issue, veterans’ programs need to be drastically improved.  

True tax reform with lower taxes, a simpler method of taxation, and fewer regulations will stimulate and boost our economy, resulting in more and better jobs. Just doing something part way and saying something was done (as Congress is doing now) is not reform; it is not change; it is not improvement. If you are going to do it, do it right.

I support term limits for Congress (House 8 years, Senate 12 years) and for Federal Judges (12 years). Politicians and judges should have to go back and live in the society that they shape, rather than remain career politicians who simply worry about their next campaign.

Focusing on 1) energy production at home and 2) exporting oil, gas, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) will add billions of dollars to our economy, instead of sending that money to other countries.  

Net neutrality must be maintained or restored. Internet providers should not have control over what we see or do online. Rather, internet users should be in control of their online experience and have a choice of high-speed internet service providers.

We need to rebuild aging infrastructure such as roads and bridges. In addition, we must directly address flood/runoff control. Major projects like these will also create jobs, further boosting our economy.

NASA and the Medical Center need funds and people to conduct the research that will improve and save people’s lives. Lives can also be improved by addressing healthcare, education, nutrition, and childcare problems. 

Life is short. We do not have time to waste. These issues must be solved.

Do not assume that your representative in Congress is doing a good job. Congress needs fresh ideas and perspectives to enact needed change.

I am an engineer with both training and business experience that enables me to solve problems differently than how career politicians and attorneys approach issues.  We need my fresh approach in the House of Representatives. I will actually do what I promise to do. I will effectively work with the group of representatives that make up Congress. I will be able to positively influence others due to my strong communication skills. I am confident in my ability to be great at this job, and I have the energy and enthusiasm to put into it.  Congress must be effective. Each member of Congress and the skills they bring to Congress are part of the collective whole to get things done and be effective. New ideas and skill sets are needed, which is why you should elect an engineer with decades of business and life experience.